"A brand is what they say about you when you leave the room."

-Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos


I love building brands, shaping consumer thoughts and writing GREAT copy.

I think outside the box even when thinking inside the box (of a 125x125 ad space.)

I live in the Bay Area, enjoy theatre, writing short stories, coffee and blogs.


Here's what they say about me when I leave the room:


“Jasmine is detailed, professional, and customer-focused when it comes to her work. Not only she is a joy to work with, she is a proactive team player in her projects, and she makes sure everyone in the team communicates well in order to bring successful results.” April 19, 2010

1st Karen NgSenior Designer, Shutterfly
managed Jasmine indirectly at Shutterfly

“Jasmine, is a talented copywriter, that lives breathes and understand the brand and the customer. She has great ideas, tons of enthusiasm and is collaborative and easy to work with.” May 5, 2010

1st Gautam MulchandaniSenior Marketing Manager - Banana Republic Online, Gap Inc.
worked with Jasmine at Banana Republic, Gap Inc. Direct

“Jasmine was an exceptional copywriter and co-worker. She always puts her best foot forward and it shows in her day-to-day work habits. She knows how to utilize cross-team synergy to create copy needed for the Brand. She would be a great addition to anyone's team.” June 25, 2009

1st Tracy Owens BenbassatBROL Creative Team, Copywriter & Production Liason, Gap Inc.
worked directly with Jasmine at Gap Inc. Direct

“Jasmine is the new member to our team yet she has quickly impressed us with her willingness to learn and devoted work ethic. When tasked with something, Jasmine accomplishes it down to the tiniest detail. She literally will not sleep until it is done correctly and completely. She is an asset to the team.” May 7, 2007

1st Nicole MaciasAccount Executive, Publicis Dialog
worked directly with Jasmine at Publicis Dialog

“Jasmine is a team player and talented in many categories, in addition she is a pleasure and delight to work with.” October 8, 2007

1st Casey BernsteinAccount Executive, Publicis
worked directly with Jasmine at Publicis Dialog